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Wholesaleshopy’s Price is Rs.113(Incl.Gst) and MRP is Rs.149. Arcor candy wholesale is available on wholesaleShopy at the cheapest rate. Wholesaleshopy is wholesale supplier of Arcor candy wholesale .Arcor candy wholesale is from Argentina.
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Arcor is the leader in the Argentine chocolate market and is the only company present in all categories. Likewise, it occupies one of the main positions in the Chilean market and is a leader in the chocolate segment. In the rest of Latin America, it is characterized by having had a progressive development in recent years.
In a business where loyalty and consumer confidence are key, the company was able to capitalize a portfolio of brands of great importance for all product categories, among which are Arcor, bon or bon, Cofler, Tofi, Aguila, Rocklets, Turtle, Nikolo, Hamlet, Cabsha, Sapito and Chokko Snack.
Arcor produces a wide variety of chocolates such as chocolates and snacks, tablets, candies, cup chocolates and confectionery products, children’s chocolates, battered wafers, chocolate bars and seasonal products for relevant dates such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

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