Sapphire Smaash Imli (Tamrind) 200g

Basic Price : Rs.34+12% GST

Quantity (In One Cartoon) : 40 x 200g

Cost (Per Piece) : Rs.38 (including gst)

MRP (Per Piece) : Rs.50 approx.

HSN Code : 17049090




Wholesaleshopy's Price is Rs.38 and MRP is Rs.50. Sapphire Smaash Imli is available on wholesaleShopy at the cheapest rate. Wholesaleshopy is wholesale supplier of Sapphire Smaash Imli. Sapphire Smaash Imli is from India.
Through their constantly improving products sold at great prices, Sapphire have gained the trust of thousands of Indian customers.A famous brand which produces Food and Imported & Gourmet products is Sapphire. Sapphire have gained a good reputation for Almonds - Almonds Covered with Milk Choco, Crackers - Sugar and Crackers - Creamy.
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